In order to pursue its goals, the CENTRAL MARKETS project will carry out the following tasks:


  • Analyse the current legal and policy framework at EU level to address decision makers and market operators and raise awareness on difficulties and threats created by the existing policy fragmentation. A draft transnational strategy will be developed and form the basis of the following steps


  • Partners will involve stakeholders in the elaboration of structured action plans and the implementation of pilot actions for the revitalisation of traditional markets in their communities


  • After the transnational comparison of the actions plans and the evaluation of the pilot actions, a validated common transnational strategy for the revitalisation of traditional European markets will be produced


  • The Strategy will address policy makers, market operators, potential investors and consumers in order to promote a new concept of city market which shall be able to boost a more balanced economic development of cities and their hinterlands for a competitive and sustainable growth of the Central Europe area

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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF