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The Pécs Urban Development Company was established on 1st of October 2010 by Municipality of the City of Pécs. The Pécs City Development Company was responsible for the Pécs-2010 European Capital Of Culture investment projects and the Municipality of the City of Pécs’s development projects. Nowadays the Pécs Urban Development Company - 100% owned by the Municipality of City of Pécs – manages more than 40 new projects financed by the European Union, the Hungarian government, and the city of Pécs for example transport (intermodal, bicycle), energy developments, public utilities, etc. The Company is also responsible for the investment promotion. The Company has made Pécs’ s investment portfolio in English, German, Spanish and French (http://gov.pecs.hu/register/newsDetail/63). The company has 17 employees.

Pécs Urban Development Company’s staff is composed of architects, urban designers, marketing professionals and economists which will guarantee the success of cooperation.
Considering that the Company has a direct connections to all other companies of the Municipality and a daily connection to the Mayor’s office and other stakeholders the implementation of the results this project should be successful.


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  • Markets in Pécs

    In Pécs there are two main marketing areas: The Pécs Fair located in the southern suburban area and the Market Hall just at the edge of downtown. They are extremely popular among local people and visitors though the quality of built environment has degraded in both places in recent decades.
    Besides there are two smaller markets, are located in different part of the city.
    The “Uránvárosi Kispiac” (“little market”) which is a food market in the western area of the city. Local people like to visit this market.
    The Diana- square market is being located in south area of the city. This is the newest market, because it had been renovated within the European Capital of Culture investment program.
    In the easter area is not yet a market. Investigation of a new market establishment in this part of the city is important.

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