Municipality of Bratislava the Capital of the Slovak Republic

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Bratislava is the capital city of the Slovak Republic. The largest Urban community and largest Urban area in the Slovak Republic. Its population is approximately 411,228 (bratislava region represents 628 686 inhabitants). Bratislava is situated on both banks of the river Danube in southwestern part of the Slovak Republic. Bratislava is located near the Austrian, Czech and Hungarian borders. Bratislava is the wealthiest and economically most important region in the Slovak Republic with significant industrial, cultural and historical center, with cluster of universities and science centers.

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  • Markets in Bratislava

    On the place of the present Old Market was originally bastion from the 15th century, which was part of the town fortification.
    Nowadays, there is a discussion how will this historical place look like, what function will it have, how the space will be used. The only known thing is, that there is a need of renovation.
    This area used to be only market place before. It is also possible that it will be combined place in the present time; one part could be a place for markets again.

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