Conservatory of Mediterranean Food from Piedmont (IT)

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The Conservatory of Mediterranean Food from Piedmont is a non-profit association in the filed of research and promotion of local products, crafts, markets, quality cuisine, and more generally the culinary heritage, tourism and cultural development of Mediterranean countries. The Conservatory is a founding member of the Emporion network for the valorisation of markets. Throughout the years, Conservatory has undertaken research designed to investigate the dynamics and conditions of traditional markets understood as sustainable models for the distribution of local products and also as an important player in the urban development of the city. The Conservatory of Mediterranean Food from Piedmont carried out several European projects co funded by ERDF within INTERREG and MED Programmes. Among these, MED-EMPORION was a project aimed at fostering the link between local markets and urban development by reinforcing the importance of local markets from an economic, cultural, touristic and social point of view. For the Medemporion project, the Conservatory carried out a research on the presence of local products and the distribution mechanisms of the products in the markets located in the Med area, with a focus on the Porta Palazzo market, Europe's largest outdoor market. Conservatory, thanks in particular to the Promoterroir project, was committed to enhancing the Italian territory, particularly the mountain region through the promotion of quality, local products. One of the Conservatory’s objectives is to strengthen the link between local productions, their presence in urban markets. For this reason, Conservatory (in collaboration with the City of Turin) organizes periodically in Turin the Food Market Festival, a gastronomic event (whose format has been exported and replicated in other European cities), accompanied by moments of debate and workshops, where markets are the main "protagonist", becoming a place of promotion of the city and of the areas surrounding the market.


Role in the project

The Conservatory of Mediterranean Food from Piedmont (WP3 Leader) will play a transversal role contributing with their local and transnational expertise in awareness campaigns, organisation of training activities and production of technical studies on the revitalisation and development of traditional markets across the EU.

Within this project, the Conservatory of Mediterranean Food from Piedmont aims at providing a response to the need for more efficient market networks, logistics and services and to enable the coexistence of different regulatory frameworks. To accomplish this task, the first step is the analysis of the existing legal and policy frameworks: a comparative study of regional and national normative that govern markets in the different counties involved in the project will be the starting point.

Following, a verification on the implementation of the Bolkestein Directive in the partner countries and on its impact on the market sector will be drawn up.

WP3 Leader will coordinate the study, carried out locally by the project partners according to a common methodological approach

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