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The City of Venice , with its European Policies department and the Commerce department  will coordinate the project.
The European Policies collaborates with corporations, publicity owned companies and other institutions in the area in order to obtain European Union financing to be utilised for the socio-economic growth of the City of Venice and its area. The International and European Policies department supervises all European projects in which the City of Venice is involved and has grown a wide experience in managing EU funded projects mostly as LP.

The Commerce office covers the following tasks: planning, management and empowerment of about 30 permanent / periodical city markets. It is also responsible for assuring and promoting the quality of products and generally protecting consumers’ interests. Since 2008, with the collaboration of several agriculture producers associations, it has been testing and promoting the Farmer’s Markets initiative in two different city areas with the main aim of revitalising local markets for traditional food products.

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  • Markets in Venice

    There are 24 markets in the area managed by the City of Venice:

    • 8 daily markets selling mainly food products
    • 9 weekly markets selling food and non-food products
    • 3 alternative economy markets selling organic food and clothes, fair trade products, sewing services
    • 4 farmer’s markets where local farmers sell their own products. This form of direct selling allows to

    save money as producers and consumers meet directly reducing the supply chain

    find fresh, seasonal and local products to promote and enhance local food production 

    reduce pollution eliminating long transport and packaging

                 find a place to stop and talk.


    Pilot Action:   Feasibility study and schematic design of a new covered market



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