Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Veszprém (HU)

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Veszprém was established on 28th of October 1994. Our organization works for the interests of micro, small and medium enterprises, companies and all economic actors in Veszprém County, in order to boost innovation and economic development of our region. According to the law accepted by the Parliament of the Hungarian Republic in 1994, the chambers of commerce and industry operate as public bodies in Hungary. Their basic tasks are promoting the development and competitiveness of enterprises, managing vocational education, protecting and representing interests of SMEs.

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  • Markets in Veszprém

    Our targeted market - organized on the first Sunday of every July - is an annual artisan fair with local handicraft products.



    In the framework of the pilot action we would like to popularize the local handicraft products, to ensure market for artisan microenterprises, to mediate culture and culture heritage, to enliven the life of the town, to popularize culture and local qualitative products, to ensure a common attendance of sellers on a new authentic location with the participation of all possible stake-holders.

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