Bratislava Old Market Hall

The first Farmers Market at the Old Market Hall 

The 21st of September, 2013 the first Farmers Market was held in the area of the “Old Marketplace”. The Old Market Hall is a historic building located in the centre of Bratislava. The re-opening of the Old Market hall is part of Bratislava pilot action. The project of recovery and revitalization of the Old Market Hall was prepared by 11 professionals from various fields. The program structure of the project is based on three pillars: urban culture, markets and services.

Markets in the Old Market Hall could be an alternative to the shopping centers and engine of different forms of culture in addition to the food culture. Markets should bring the city life closer to the countryside lifestyle through the sale of fresh, local and quality food. Markets will offer not only food, but also various social and cultural events, designed for all ages.

The first Farmers Market was a success and went above expectations. Witnesses were the number of visitors as well as reactions from the retailers themselves. Product quality and variety of products in conjunction with an historical building are great promise towards the future.


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