Final Conference

Final Conference

CENTRAL MARKETS Final Conference was succefully held  on November 11, 2014 in Bratislava in the suggestive location of the Old Market Hall.  The  event  was a great occasion to give further insights into the main achievements of the project and contribute to strengthen the project's transnational cooperation and ensure transferability of results. The event brought together international organizations, European networks, other European market projects and stakeholders in order to share good practices on revitalisation of markets.


The official welcome of the Final Conference was made by: Paola Ravenna, Manager of the European Policies dept. City of Venice, Mr. Domenico Mangone, Deputy Mayor for Commerce of the City of Torino and by Mr. Michal Feik, advisor of the Vice Mayor of the City of Bratislava.


During the opening session Christophe Ebermann from the CENTRAL EUROPE JTS presented the results of the 2007-2013 CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and gave some hints on the future Programme. Silvia Comiati from the City of Venice presented main project activities and achievements. 

This session was concluded by Laura Formicola from the Conservatory of the Mediterranean food and by Pierantonio Bertero, Professor at the Management Department, University of Torino  who both dealt with the approach and results of the Common Transnational Strategy elaborated within CENTRAL MARKETS project.


In the session 2 round table each project partner presented the results of the 8 Pilot Actions carried out in their territories to test the effectiveness of the proposed revitalisation strategy.


The afternoon session was devoted to the presentation of experiences on market management from EU cities and to the consolidation of networks with the presence of important international market associations.  All conference participants were actively engaged in a workshop aimed at  identifying common fields of reflection and interest based on CENTRAL MARKETS  findings and challenges.



Session 1: CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and CENTRAL MARKETS project


CENTRAL EUROPE Programme: current and future (Cristophe Ebermann,  JTS)


CENTRAL MARKETS project activities and results (Silvia Comiati, City of Venice)


Common Transnational Strategy (Laura Formicola, Conservatory of the Mediterranea Food)


The Strategy approach (Pierantonio Bertero, University of Torino)


Session 3:  Experiences on market management from EU cities


Urbact Markets Project (Nuria Costa, Institute of Municipal Markets of Barcelona) 


MARAKANDA Project, Genoa markets (Barbara Poggi, City of Genoa)


Session 3:  Networks and capitalisation


World Union of Wholesale Markets (Natalia Barragan)

Love Your local Markets  (Eleonor Gill, National Association of British Market Authorities)

Workshop report (Frammenti Lab)



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