Pilot Actions

In order to test the effectiveness of the proposed revitalisation strategy, partners undertook eight Pilot Actions, each of which focussed on at least one of the following topics:

  • improvement of market governance and related services;
  • adoption of efficient communication strategies for markets;
  • development of innovative concepts for the creation of new markets in urban and peri-urban areas.

To ensure the project’s effectiveness, the partners involved a wide range of stakeholders in the initiative. Food and non-food market operators, farmers, trade organisations, universities, consumer organisations, citizens, and policy makers gave their input during the research phase and pilot implementation. They also took part in local and transnational dissemination events.

Evaluation Report

The objective of Evaluation report is to present the evaluation of  the market revitalisation actions implemented through the Pilot Actions. The report analyses the results of each Pilot Action and provides recommendations which can be applied also outside the partnership. It concentrates first on analysing the performance indicators for each  partner, then an assessment is made as to whether the partners had implemented all the planned activities. Final recommendations provide useful inputs for stakeholders.


  • Venice Pilot

Study on the role of Urban Markets for Local Development and Urban Regeneration

Feasibility Study - new covered market in Venice mainland (IT)

Rendering of the new market

Mapping of the utilities and services of the pilot area

Feasibility Study - Abstract (EN)


  • Usti Region Pilot

Regional Market network Guide (abstract EN)

Regional Market network Guide (CZ)

Regional Market legislative guidebook (abstract EN)

Regional Market legislative guidebook (CZ)


  • Torino Pilot

Urban market Plan (abstract EN)


  • Veszprém Pilot

Feasibility Study - part 1 (HU)

Feasibility Study - part 2(HU)

Feasibility Study - part 1 (abstract EN)

Feasibility Study - part 2 (abstract EN)


  • Pécs Pilot

Feasibility Study (HU)

Feasibility Study (EN)


  • Maribor Pilot

Evaluation on the use of the old city centre (SLO)

Evaluation on the use of the old city centre (abstract EN)


  • Krakow Pilot

Communication Strategy (PL)

Communication Strategy (abstract EN)


  • Bratislava Pilot

Sociological Research (SK)

Sociological Research (abstract EN)

Farmer's Codex for the Old MArket Hall (SK)

Farmer's Codex for the Old Market Hall (abstract EN)

Manual for Vendors (SK)

Manual for Vendors (abstract EN)

Old Market hall Report (SK)

Old Market Hall Report (abstract EN)

Market Strategy (SK)

Market Strategy (abstract EN)

Market Lab Committee Statute (EN)


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