The examples provided by the Pilot Actions assisted in creation and dissemination of a Common Transnational Strategy, which is supported by joint political commitment. The document illustrates an innovative and integrated approach to market management and promotion, and it is addressed to policy makers and stakeholders in central Europe and beyond. The strategy is designed to revive markets through the improvement of their management system and related services – so that the entire market site, the district and the surrounding city/region is enhanced, and their attractiveness
Increased. Throughout the project, CENTRAL MARKETS constantly worked to reinforce existing market networks, in order to strengthen the project’s transnational cooperation and ensure the transferability of its results. Transnational exchanges of best practices help participants explore new ways to enhance markets’ role in cities and increase market management capacities. Meanwhile, collaboration with other market-related EU projects, and the enlargement of existing networks, builds collective support for markets issues at the EU level

Main Outputs


Common Transnational Strategy

The partnership has elaborated the Common Transnational Strategy for the revitalisation of traditional European markets based on the main project findings. The Strategy addresses policymakers, market operators, potential investors and consumers, in order to promote a new concept of city market capable of fostering the more balanced economic development of cities and their hinterlands for a competitive and sustainable growth of the Central Europe area.


Manifesto of the international Day of markets

The manifesto is a joint declaration from the cities of Barcelona, Venice and Florence, as Leaders of the projects URBACT MARKETS, CENTRAL MARKETS and MARAKANDA, with the aim to declare the Commitment of their respective municipal governments to the promotion of the markets.



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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF